Like many similar casual games, Clans Clash has a lot of nuances that are not very documented. As such, there are small tips and tricks that you can learn over time what can constitute a significant advantage over the other players. Here are the top tips that I’ve learned during my time in the game.

Revenge is a dish that is often served cold

Whether we like it or not, you will attack while you’re out and no shield. You can sometimes save you but by being attacked also presents a unique opportunity! Reviewing the list of who attacked your people in your absence, you have the option of “Revenge” – to attack who you attacked. This is a great strategic advantage since you can see the village of your enemy before attacking, and plan your attack – even to train various special assault units. If an opponent you have a shield or are simply being connected again later.

Elixir Bank

Do you think that its headquarters was only to train troops? FALSE. If you had not noticed, you could put in a queue a large number of troops to train, even when you’re not connected. When you have troops in the tail in this way the elixir you need to train them is “reserved”, but afternoon can cancel the construction without penalty for any troop in a queue. This means that you can put in the queue all your barracks until they are full, leaving the Elixir to balance of the attackers. When you return to your people, cancels the troops in a queue and retrieves the Elixir.

1250 trophies – what it is

It is perhaps not a big secret that gets 450 gems in reach three stars in achieving “Sweet victory.” Starting a Council level 6 (maybe even less), you can search for towns that have town hall outside its walls. The destroyed this building since you warrant a star and some trophies. When you’re a beginner, you may think “why someone would do that?” Let City Hall in the cold. While still, you can not understand why a lot of opponents do it and just need to find someone who finds that goal.

The level of Town Hall

There are a variety of portions that influence the number of resources that can be earned, but there is one important: the Town Hall level. If your enemy is at your level or 1 level above or below, you see a modifier of 100% of what they can take. However, if your enemy is two levels above get a 125% modifier, and if three levels, then 150% modifier. On the other hand, that same opponent gets a modifier-50% and 25% (respectively) for any effort at revenge.

Arrow, spells, and mortars

After version 3.25, heroes respawn time is significantly reduced. However, even for a level 1 hero, an hour can be a long wait. Therefore, it can be very frustrating when you’re in the middle of an intense session of assault, take a five-minute break and return to discover that you’ve been attacked, and your hero is knocked out.

You can solve this problem! On the pedestal of hero in the central button controls if the hero is in the mode “asleep” or “guard.” If you click “Save” he/she’s going to defend your people when these – not risking the KO.

There is a point during the loading screens of the game; it says that if you need a little more resources can fight goblins in the campaign for a player. This is true, but if you’ve played the first missions probably feel that recourse to pay is absurdly insignificant.

You can earn up to 4.8 million Golden elixirs in a campaign, but 3 million that comes in the last five levels. You also have to take into account that I am only talking about the poaching of resources, and not necessarily having to get three stars.

If you keep these five levels for a rainy day, or they may cover a large part or the full balance that is necessary for further updates as the Town Hall level 9, or to make archers level 5 or similar. It can accumulate the spoils while they are protected mean that you can use the campaign to reach the goal without stress.

Town hall in the cold

So you want to keep your Town Hall in the deepest corner less protected from your village? There is no possible reason to leave the town hall to the mercy of vandals. There are several reasons, but the most important thing is that whenever someone attacks and destroys the city, gets at least 12 hours of protection (shield). If you are trying to save resources for updates (and isn’t you are always doing that?), then is normal that you want to keep your shield to stop.

Traps and Tesla, the element of surprise

Supercell gives you many strategic options defense and the most powerful is the element of surprise. The traps and the hidden defensive. Psychologically, many will find difficult to maintain focus in the occult to analyze and consume all visible defenses and plan their attack. Use this to your advantage.

Create funnels for the units happen through a weakness in the wall, then leave some bombs. Leave your city in the cold, but rodealo with Tesla to punish the unprepared attackers. Clash of Clans is a game of attack, and the odds are against the defenders. You will not win every round, but if you use the hidden elements in their arsenal with wisdom.

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