H ello, guys, in this post we will see some tips to Royale Clash especially useful to new players, that can help address and win games in a much more simple and above to play a lot better since Dallin Zio.Guadagna Elixir on the opponent.

This is undoubtedly the best strategy to win any game at Royale Clash. The idea is to use the cards at a low cost of Elixir to beat the high cost of Elixir deployed by the opponent and earn so Elixir.

Here are some examples:

  • Use the arrows (3 Elixir) to break down the Minions Horde (5 Elixir) = 2 Elisir earned.
  • Use Skeletons (1 Elixir) to defend yourself from a Mini PEKKA (4 Elixir) = 3 Elixir earned.
  • Use the cannon (3 Elixir) to shield you from the tamer of wild boars (4 Elixir) = 1 Elisir earned.

After a certain number of battles won in this way, you will end up with enough Elixir to throw a nice attack against an opponent who will have little Elisir to defend themselves. Not bad right? Undergoing damage is not the end of the world.

Obviously, no one likes to be damaged, but sometimes it can be worth it. For example, if your opponent terraced Archers, your tower can shoot them down in 4 hits and suffer damage contents, so it is best to leave the tower the task to deal with the Archers. Not worth launching a fiery ball on the Archers, the Arrows or other cards like that, especially if you’re maybe even attacking the other side. Suffering some damage, you can save Elixir and exploit it more wisely to strengthen the attack.

Four tips for Clash Royale, this is also very important at the beginning, even when the opponent will try to line up the cards to understand the increasingly true.Combat in your territory.

Most new players do not mind. Usually deploy troops directly next to the bridge and try to damage as soon as possible to the enemy tower. The best thing, however, is to bring the battle from your side of the map so that you have more damage due to the attacks of the Arena Tower and possibly that of the King.

For example, if your opponent deploys dragon puppy, expecting that to come within range of the Tower and then row a card to counter it (maybe another dragon puppy). With the joint damage and Dragon Tower, Dragon succeeds in overthrowing the opponent, and also your dragon survives the clash. If then the opponent will deploy troops to shoot down the dragon, you will end up with more Elixir of him, and you will be able to initiate an attack.

This way you also save the elixir which will be useful to attack in mass.

Many new players (sometimes even the most experienced) never watch their replays and continue to lose a game after another. If you lose when you use a well-balanced deck and your cards are of the correct level, do not blame it on the deck, probably because it’s your fault! If you are at level 5 and you lose against a player level 3, he is not too strong, you who are doing something wrong?

If you can not get to the Arena after four weeks of play, there is something wrong. Watch their replays is a way to improve and grow in Royale Clash, also because you can look at this game from a different aspect. Moreover also share replays of your defeats with your clan-friends for advice, maybe they will see something that alone you can not see (obviously reciprocates watching replays of the other).

I hope these four tips for Royale Clash can help you improve the game! Let me know what’s your opinion by leaving a comment! SHARE

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