Barely out, Clash Royale, the latest mobile game Supercell meeting a success by moving up easily on top of the Play Store downloads for the month of March. Here is our guide and some tips to easily progress in the game.

Supercell is even listening to her community, and has now made it much more accessible and deep game with a new update adding 6 new maps, more gold in the game and a new spectator mode for more addicted to games .

But start on the game can be difficult, so we've put together the following guide and many tips for beginners and intermediate players to play the game the best way possible and avoiding of buy gems.

The competitive aspect of the game taking more and more importance with the arrival of a fashion official tournament in Clash Royale, it's time to take the game seriously!

clash royale tips and tricks

Our Tested Clash Royale Guide

In this section, we will focus on the strategy on Clash Royal to maximize his chances of winning, offline as online.

Be Patient

Although it is very tempting to storm away, Clash Royale is actually a game that encourages patients players. Take your time to try to determine the strategy of your opponent and his cards and recharge your gauge Elixir.

Promote to go on the attack with a volley of monsters rather than go slowly. A pair or trio will actually much more likely to overthrow the party in your favor, or rather dig your advantage and force the opponent to think about his cons.

Do not remain inactive

If your Elixir gauge is full, do not just keep warm by reflecting on the next round: play a card costing little or you do not need at the moment, and take great care to think about your strategy beforehand. Early in the game, it's not bad to get out an effective combo up front to force the opponent to play defensively.

Fight alongside your towers

Although it may seem scary to mix your tricks on your battles, we strongly recommend you to do so: although the loss of these can cause your defeat, they are also fantastic weapons.

Do not hesitate, especially in defensive phase, to take advantage of the damage they offer rather than trying to battle away from it: you'll be more likely to finish quickly with enemy assault and restart your load quickly.

Leave your towers handle some enemies

In the same vein, enjoy inflicted damage your towers to continue to press the enemy lines. Indeed, evaluate the situation well in the preamble: if your opponent sends archers on your land while you are on the line, there is no point in spending your Elixir and cards.

The archers will be killed in 4 moves by the arena towers without taking much damage it, and you will keep your Elixir and cards Arrows or Fireball for more pressing threats.

Play on the weaknesses to maximize profit by Elixir

Each opponent has his own weakness card, so be sure to reserve your expense Elixir for your attackers and have a hand against easy opponent for the attack. For example, a card costing 3 Arrows elixirs comes only at the end of a horde of minions costing the opponent 5 elixirs. Promote therefore inexpensive answers playing on the weaknesses of each card.

Know how to use the new cards

With its latest update, Clash Royal now has 6 new maps for as many counter the stronger than creating new tactics. Do not be afraid to experiment with them from the beginning to hold sway over opponents too used to the old metagame of the game!

Feel free to experiment with new tactics: SuperCell conducts numerous updates to keep the balance intact stake. Particularly today, with a serious Pig Rider nerve deemed too far in the current meta game.

More Advanced Tips

In this chapter, we will focus this time on tricks and reflexes to have for beginners and intermediate players to maximize their parts Clash Royale and not have to buy gems too often.

Do not spend too fast your first gems

By default, the game offers you 100 gems you can freely spend. But we advise you not to spend too fast and first acquire a global vision of the game, strategy and the way you play.

Indeed, players spending their gems for cards that they end up not using are not rare, so avoid to join. Rather, it is recommended to wait to own 500 gems, and thus benefit the 10,000 gold coins that unlock.

Train offline

Although the mode drive offline Clash Royal may seem unattractive, it is perfect to test your decks, acquire a feeling the pace of the game and prepare to go into battle. So do not go off and train yourself well before going to fight online. Check here if you want to try our clash royale hack tool.

Make a balanced deck

Your deck of cards governs your play, but it also governs your chances of winning. Look into make a more balanced deck as possible, with an average cost of Elixir 3 to 3.5, to be sure not to find yourself having to stay inactive during a game and lose the advantage.

Join a clan as soon as possible

A clan you will not only acquire new cards easily, if your comrades are not too selfish, but also to train against real people and gain valuable advice. It is therefore imperative to enjoy.

Come back to it every 3 hours

It's silly, but to avoid spending gems, you have to bend to the constraints of the game. And every 4 hours, Clash Royale offers a new safe with random objects that takes 3 hours to open.

If you miss and your trunk 4 slots are filled, you will get more of these gifts that can be paramount to your evolution. So make it a habit to check regularly throughout the day.

Cycle giants and magic chests

In connection with this last tip, remember that Royal Clash boxes are ultimately not random but dependent on a specific cycle revealed today. You can optimize your earnings at best during your parties.

However, keep in mind that the boxes are Super Magical and they are totally random. There is no way to manipulate your luck on this ground, and it is natural not to have had the most unlucky of you.

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