The first item to be unlocked in this game is the Clash of Clans Barbarians. The appearance of a barbarian is a man with a fierce and ready-to-attack expression. He has a long mustache and short blonde hair and wears a kilt with a belt and buckle that is shaped like a shield.

He also wears spiked bands on both wrists and holds a sword in his right hand. He carries a pair of sandals on his feet. The whole appearance gives him a resemblance to a Scottish warrior. You can use two different main strategies for barbarians:

barbarian coc

Offensive Strategy

Different offensive strategies can be used for barbarians. If you want your barbarians to attack a wall, place one barbarian so that he can break the wall and drop the other barbarians.

However, it is preferred to use wall breakers as barbarians are weaker in breaking the walls. Always use your barbarians in large hordes as they can destroy anything that comes their way. Barbarians attack the closest target to them and thus have no preferred target. You can use them to attack lone buildings.

Mortars can easily be destroyed by barbarians because mortars can’t target barbarians that are close to it. Barbarians have far lesser health than giants, yet they can act as a distraction for them. Giants are 75% healthier than a group of five barbarians and can cause 4 times more damage than them.

Defensive Strategy

Barbarians can absorb large amounts of damages. This capability of the barbarians allows them to delay the attackers while your other defenses take care of your loot, wizard tower, town hall, and kingdom.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Barbarians

The barbarians are strong enough to attack often and collect many resources. By attacking, again and again, you’ll be able to gather a significant amount of loot.

The weakness of the barbarians is splash damage. If you are using your barbarians to protect the wizard tower, you’ll need to spawn the healing spell on them. Always arrange your troops systematically.

Drag a line of barbarians and then the archers. Your barbarians can easily attack and loot the resources like elixir pumps and gold mines that are placed outside the walls. You just have to drag a line of barbarians and then another line of archers. Doing this will make the resources yours.

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