There are many different types of Clash of Clan walls that you can make. A strong wall is necessary to win a game. You don’t only need a powerful army but also a strong and durable wall. Good walls can withstand continuous and aggressive attacks. In Clash of Clans, there are a few terminologies that need to be discussed in detail. These are as follows.

Clash of Clan Walls for a Strong Kingdom

Wall breakers have a large blast radius and can penetrate through layers of walls. The new wall breakers go to the nearest compartment instead of going to the nearest wall. You can lay traps between the walls that can instantly trap and kill the enemy. The wall breakers can also be used to defend your army against other troops and giants.

Types of Walls

Bases can be divided into two types: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Most bases are already symmetrical to some extent, and others are sort of bilaterally mirrored. The bases can be further divided according to their defensive concepts:

Clash of Clan Single wall

There is a wall that surrounds most buildings. The single wall is a very easy base to destroy as it is weak. The enemy can use its archers and wall breakers to destroy the single wall in a matter of seconds.


Clash of Clan Single wall

Clash of Clan Double wall

This base is the same as the single wall, except there are two single walls used. The double-wall prevents wall breakers from penetrating them and archers from shooting across it. However, archers have a range of three walls.


Clash of Clan Double wall

Clash of Clan Multi-layered wall

Multiple layers of walls help defend your village against the enemy, but wall breakers still have a splash damage feature that can destroy up to three layers of the wall. Therefore, it is not recommended to use them as they can be easily destroyed too.


Clash of Clan Multi-layered wall

Clash of Clan Spring traps and gaps

You can leave some gaps and place spring traps in between them. These traps flung the troops in the air. Don’t leave too many gaps in your base as it can become easier for the enemy to navigate.

Clash of Clan egg-shell

The egg-shell concept is used for farming villages. These are multi-layered walls with resources inside the wall and buildings outside the wall.

Clash of Clan egg-shell wall level 7

It is better to upgrade your outer walls to level 7. This will defend your village and troops from attacks by enemies. The stronger your wall, the more protected your clan.

Clash of Clans Wizards: The Latest Rage

Not too long ago, people were going gaga over Candy Crush, and now it is the Clash of Clans wizards that have people gushing over it. This game has managed to create quite a bit of rage, perhaps because it is a little different from the regular games and is quite challenging. Let us look briefly into the game to see what it offers.

The game is comprised of 6 levels. A wizard is a magical unit that has been given an interesting attire in the form of a hooded cloak with a leather belt and matching shoes. As the levels progress, the wizard can shoot different objects in a certain range. For instance, in the first three levels, he shoots fireballs that are replaced by lightning bolts at level 4, finally reaching to a combination of both in level 6.

Clash of Clans Wizards

During the game, there is no particular target of wizards. They can randomly attack any building. However, if an enemy is sighted, all the attention has to be focused on him. Owing to the limited ability of the wizards to sustain fire, they are used behind more durable troops who would be able to protect them from damage.

Wizards are rather handy when one wishes to eliminate troops in one go. There are certain attacks that wizards are vulnerable to, which include giant bombs and spring traps.

Some changes are witnessed with the progress in levels. When the first level is unlocked, you find the wizard wearing a light blue cloak with a black beard and brown belt.

At level three, the wizard adorns a purple cloak with matching shoes. In level four, as mentioned prior, the lightning attack comes into play in place of fireballs, while in level 5, the cloak of the wizard assumes the dark blue color with black shoes. In the final level, we find the wizard wearing a red violet coat with an orange belt and a change in the color of his eyes, which become a shade of yellow.

There is no doubt that Clash of Clans is an exciting game, and there is a reason that it has managed to attain so much popularity in such a short time. With the wizards, you can make the game more interesting while allowing the visuals to keep you captivated.

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