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zappy on clash royale

October 16, 2016, By Admin

How to counter Zappy on Clash Royale?

Zappy is a legendary card having an average number of points and can cause splash damage. This is a relatively slow card and has to load his attack for 5 seconds. It can easily destroy everything in its path if you do not Counterbrake map early.

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clash royale cheats

October 16, 2016, By Admin

Why all Clash Royale players trying to cheat?

This is a question that comes back often, and we'll try to answer today in this article. Every day we meet people who want to cheat in the Clash Royale play. For people who do not know the Clash Royale game is a strategy game available ...

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beginner tips for clash royale

December 2, 2016, By Admin

4 Important Tips For Beginners

Hello, guys, in this post we will see some tips to Royale Clash especially useful to new players, that can help address and win games in a much more simple and above to play a lot better since Dallin Zio....

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